Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Cleaning Frenzy-Part 1

Today has been a very productive cleaning day! I have been looking forward to "reorganizing" and going through each room in the house since the beginning of summer vacation. May and June were so hectic that the house suffered....let's face it the whole school year was hectic so every room was falling apart! You know that the situation is really bad when your husband says one night, "You know, I've been thinking....maybe we should move to a new house very soon because our floorboards look disgusting and I don't really have time to clean them!"

This morning I became the "furniture assembler extraordinaire". I churned out two 72" bookcases in a few hours for Nate's room using only a hammer and screwdriver. (And a fan and a glass of water for comfort.) About a month ago out of desperation for space, we moved a 4 foot table into his room, covered it with a quilt and let him "go wild" with a Lego Kingdom. Let's just say that the entire Harry Potter Lego series was on that quilt! (Special thanks to Grandma Kay, Grampa Don, Uncle Jon, and Santa for their ongoing financial commitment to Nate's building abilities.) Anyway, by early afternoon Nate had moved his books and his Harry Potter Lego Kingdom as well as his Star Wars Lego Kingdom onto proper shelves for proud display for future visitors to his room. He is very proud of his new found arranging skills! And I am sort of proud to say that Sauder Furniture worked for me today! (I just hope we don't move because that stuff is HEAVY.)

This afternoon was filled with more cleaning of Nate's room and some cleaning of my room as well. It always feels great to organize. I now have extra storage space in my sewing room because of simply getting the paper piles under control.

Hopefully I won't lose the momentum and I will be able to post another incredibly boring post tomorrow titled "Cleaning Frenzy-Part 2". It is so great to be on vacation!

And a bit off topic....but things that I know are important to your daily existence: 1) My pillows have not come back and 2) We have now finished all 18 hours of Little House. Three cheers for Michael Landon!


Pumita said...

Hi, Dawg. Do you think that Nate will let you post photos of his creations? Your public is cucious!!

Heidi said...

Yes. I will do that. And to other readers, "cucious" means curious in our language.